Transit Services

$1.00 Discount Coupons
The City of Storm Lake partners with two local taxi services RIDES and Storm Lake Cab to provide residents and visitors with $1.00 off coupons on a one way ride within the City of Storm Lake City Limits.

Coupons are available FREE of charge at Storm Lake City Hall (620 Erie Street) during normal business hours (8AM to 5PM - Monday thru Friday). Individuals can pick up a maximum of 10 coupons per person per week. Individuals must sign for the tickets and may be asked to provide identification.

The coupons are good for a one way ride within the city limits of Storm Lake provided they are not combined with any other offer or discount. The coupons can be used by frequent riders or riders who are using the taxi service for a one time event.

Coupons can help encourage your friends and family to be safe - give a coupon at your next party in which adult beverages are served to ensure a safe ride home.

Coupon Expiration
Coupons are only good for a twelve month period starting on July 1 and running until the next June 30th. The program's funding is determined annually by the Storm Lake City Council during their normal budget process in February & March.

Currently the program is funded at the $4,000 which provides for the availability of 4,000 coupons available. Once the coupons are gone no more will be issued until the following year in which funding is allocated.

If you have unused coupons left at the end of the year the City will exchange up to 10 coupons for the next year's coupons during the last week of June and the first two weeks of July annually. Any other tickets can be recycled.

Program Questions
Questions on the City's Transit Coupon Program can be directed to the City by email or by phone at 712-732-8000.