Landfill Rate

Landfill Fees

This page provides information on the "Landfill" portion of your utility bill.

The Landfill charges noted on your utility bill are charges to cover the "Landfill Assessment" charged to the City of Storm Lake by the Buena Vista County Solid Waste Commission. These charges do NOT cover or provide garbage collection services. If you desire to service to pick up and remove garbage and recyclables from your property you will need to contract with a private company in Storm Lake.

The City of Storm Lake, along with other communities in Buena Vista County have assessed a per capita (per person) fee annually to cover the costs of operations for the Buena Vista County Landfill and Solid Waste Operations by the Solid Waste Commission which is an independent board and organization.

Recycling is mandatory in Storm Lake and Buena Vista County. To learn more about how and what to recycle visit our Recycling page.