Cross Country Ski Trail

Corss County Skiing

The Cross Country ski trails built and maintained for the public's use and enjoyment by the City of Storm Lake Parks Department. Weather permitting the Parks Department will groom a ski trail through the Sunrise Pointe Golf Course and Sunrise Pointe Campground area. For more information contact the parks department, 712-732-8029 or City Hall 712-732-8000 or email.

Trail Rules

For your safety and the convenience of all, please follow these rules:

  • Do not ski on or across the golf course greens.
  • Skiers use the trails at their own risk. The City of Storm Lake is not responsible for accidents, injuries, and/or damage to equipment.
  • No snowmobiles or motorized equipment on trails or inside golf course area.
  • Snowshoe users should stay off of groomed trails.
  • Snowboards and pets are not allowed on any trails.
  • Slower skiers should give way to passing skiers.

Emergencies & Vandalism

  • For emergencies, call the BV County Communications Center:
    • non-life threatening: 712-749-2525
    • Life threatening: 911
  • Please report safety hazards, vandalism, or damaged facilities to the Storm Lake Parks Dept. at 712-732-8029 or 712-732-8000.

Things to Remember

  • Skiers are encouraged to warm up before going on the trails.
  • If you are skiing alone, let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.
  • Most of all, have fun!

Ski Trail Map

Storm Lake Cross Country Ski Map