Solicitors & Transient Merchant Licenses

Door to Door Salesperson Program Overview

Any person engaging in peddling, soliciting, or a transient merchant must obtain a license from the City of Storm Lake prior to conducting any type of sales. Sales from the public property are not permitted. The seller is required to get permission from the property owner before selling from any vacant lot or property not owned by the seller.

Anyone desiring to sell door-to-door or via a mobile unit, including those set up in a vacant lot and/or parking lot shall be required to obtain a permit prior to conducting any solicitation or sales. Applications for permits require a minimum of three (3) days to process after the background is completed. Individuals who come in and expect to gain a license and start selling the day they file the application will not be granted a license.

Please note that if you have someone soliciting at your home or business that is not licensed you should contact the Storm Lake Police Department through the Buena Vista County Communications Center non-emergency line at 712-749-2525.

Background Required

The City of Storm Lake requires that a background be completed on each organization that is requesting an application for a solicitor or transient merchant license and each individual who will be conducting sales under a solicitor permit. In order to process the background the City must have received the following items:

  1. A completed application with all areas completed in full
  2. Payment for the Background fees as outlined in the current Fee Resolution for the City of Storm Lake

The current fees for background checks are as follows:

Organization Background Fee - $25.00

Individual Background Fee (for each individual soliciting in excess of one) - $5.00

Payment may be made by cash, check, money order, or credit order. Payments received by check that is returned for non-sufficient-funds will incur a $30.00 fee and a license will not be issued. 

Bond Issued by a surety company in the amount of one thousand dollars  ($1,000) 

(1) to indemnify the City of Storm Lake for any penalties or costs occasioned

(2) to make payment of any judgment rendered against the licensee as a result of a claim or litigation arising out of or in connection with any activities regulated or covered by this Chapter. Said bond shall not be retired until a lapse of one (1) year from the expiration of the license which covers.

Section 4-3 Solicitors