Licenses & Permits

Beer / Liquor License
View the requirements and procedure for obtaining a beer and liquor license for your business or special event.

Building Permits
Find out when you need to obtain a building permit and how to obtain one.

Business Licenses
Find out if you are required to obtain a license for your business.

Cigarette Permits
View the requirements, fees, and procedure for obtaining a cigarette permit.

Dock Permits
Learn how to obtain a dock permit on city owned right-of-way and regulations.

Environmental Health Permits
Health permits are issued by the Buena Vista County Environment Health Department. (link to Contact them at their office in the courthouse or phone 712-749-2555.

Peddlers/ Solicitors/Transient Merchants License
Find out when you are required to obtain a permit for selling door to door, temporary transient merchant, or soliciting.

Dog and Cat License
Learn about the licensing requirements and procedures for licensing your cats and dogs.