Subdivision Process

The approval process for Subdivisions consists of three stages: the pre-application process, the preliminary plat approval process, and the final plat approval process.

If applying for a Minor Subdivision the preliminary and final plat may be reviewed simultaneously.

Pre-Application Process
This process is strictly between the applicant and City Staff. The applicant will meet with City Staff to review all ideas and concepts for the proposed subdivision and the City will inform the applicant of the process, application requirements, fees, approval process, and key timelines/deadlines. The applicant should bring a concept plan for the proposed subdivision to this meeting. Once the pre-application conference is held, the applicant may file the preliminary plat application.

Preliminary Plat Application
The applicant should complete and submit an application for preliminary plat approval along with all forms and supporting documents and an application fee. A draft subdivision development agreement is also needed.

The Zoning Administrator will determine if all necessary information is included. A list of all necessary information is included in the Subdivision checklist. If the application is deemed incomplete, the applicant will have 30 days to provide all the incomplete information. If the information is no provided, a new application will be required.

Once all information is provided, the Zoning Administrator will notify the applicant of the Planning an Zoning Commission meeting date and time. The zoning Administrator will also provide the application to City Staff, local utilities, school district, public safety agencies, and other applicable groups. These groups will have 15 days in which to provide comments to the Zoning Administrator before the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

The Planning and Zoning Commission, following a 10 calendar days notice, will hold a public hearing and make a recommendation on the Preliminary Plat to the Council.

The City Council will take action on the Preliminary Plat application. The Council may take action on the application to approve, deny, or table for further evaluation. The Council has 60 days once the application is deemed complete to take action on the application.

Final Plat Application
After Preliminary Plat approval, the applicant may file an application for the Final Plat. The Final Plat application should include all necessary information that is included in the Subdivision Checklist including a final subdivision development agreement and within that agreement there should be a specification for the amount of a performance bond for public improvements.

The Planning and Zoning Commission should review and make a recommendation on the Final Plat to the Council.

City Council will take action on the Final Plat application. The Council will pass a resolution accepting the plat to officially approve the Final Plat.

After Council approval, the applicant should file the plat with the Buena Vista County Recorder's Office and give a record of this recording to the Storm Lake City Clerk before the plat is recognized as being official.