Subdivision Ordinance

The Subdivision Ordinance is the mechanism for regulating the development of subdivisions throughout the City of Storm Lake.

The purpose of the Subdivision Ordinance for the City of Storm Lake includes to:
  • Serve the public health, safety, and general welfare of the city and residents of Storm Lake and its surrounding jurisdiction
  • Provide for the orderly development and growth of the city by prescribing rules and standards insuring the functional arrangement of streets, public improvements, open spaces, community facilities, and utilities
  • Promote the creation of well-planned and attractive residential, commercial, and industrial developments within the city and its jurisdiction
  • Avoid excessive costs to the taxpayers of Storm Lake or the residents of the jurisdiction of the city for the provision of public services and utilities, while maintaining high standards for these services
  • Protect the unique environment of the City of Storm Lake by avoiding environmental damage whenever feasible and appropriate; and by encouraging flexibility in the design of subdivisions
  • Provide the City of Storm Lake with the ability to grow incrementally through the eventual annexation of land for new development served by municipal utilities

The Storm Lake Subdivision Ordinance was approved by the Storm Lake City Council on April 7, 2014.