Zoning Maps

City of Storm Lake Zoning Map

City of Storm Lake Zoning Map with Overlay Districts

Zoning Districts
The Zoning Ordinance includes fourteen districts:

  • RES: Reserve - The Reserve District serves as a holding zone for newly annexed areas into the City that do not have plans for development.
  • R-1: Low Density Residential - The Low Density Residential District is mainly characterized by single-family dwellings.
  • R-2: Low Medium Density Residential - The Low Medium Density Residential District contains mostly single-family dwellings buy bay also incorporate some multi-family residential uses with lower densities.
  • R-3: Medium Density Residential - The Medium Density Residential District contains mostly smaller single-family lots as well as multi-family residential uses.
  • R-4: High Density Residential - The High Density Residential District contains mostly multi-family residential uses with high densities.
  • IN-1: Public Services - The Public Services district contain uses that serve the public and are located throughout the community.
  • IN-2: Institutional Facilities - The Institutional Facilities District contains areas with educational and religious purposes in a campus setting.
  • IN-3: Hospital Medical Facilities - The Hospital Medical Facilities District contains uses with medical settings.
  • PO: Park, Recreation, and Open Space - The Park, Recreation, and Open space district contain areas for recreation uses and open space.
  • LC: Limited Commercial - The Limited Commercial District contains uses for low-impact commercial facilities.
  • CC: Community Commercial - The Community Commercial District contains various commercial uses that serve the needs for neighborhoods to the overall region.
  • CBD: Central Business District - The Central Business District contains mixed uses that serve Downtown Storm Lake.
  • LI: Limited Industrial - The Limited Industrial District contains industrial and office uses that have limited effects on the environment.
  • GI: General Industrial - The General Industrial District contains a variety of industrial uses with greater effects on the area.