Chainsaw Wood Sculptures

Wood carving with sunset background
Yeti Wood Carving
Flying Pig Wood Carving
Bear Cub in Tree Wood Carving
Native America Totum
Bear Totem Wood Carving
Eagles Fighting for Fish
Deer Wood Carving
Fairy House Wood Carving
Wolf Chasing Rabbit
Wood carving

Storm Lake boasts a whimsical collection of chainsaw sculptures along the lakeshore, beside the recreation trails and throughout the park system. Take a stroll and see all the imaginative works created by some of the best chainsaw artists in the country.

You’ll find wildlife, Native American scenes, comical characters – you may even meet Storm Lake’s own version of Sasquatch, a favorite for “selfie” shots.

Best of all, you can see new sculptures taking shape close up, at the Wood, Wine & Blues festival held at the end of each summer. Chainsaw carvers from around the country converge on Storm Lake to compete for best sculpture and quick-carve honors, and their competition pieces are added to the local landscape – so there is always something new to see.

Storm Lake United operates the festival, and the City of Storm Lake mounts the sculptures in public locations, including some available for viewing at the Storm Lake Public Library. For information on the sculpture locations or Wood, Wine & Blues events, visit Storm Lake United at 119 West 6th Street, call  712-732-3780.