Winter Regulations & Programs

Storm Lake Sign Covered in SnowOverview

This web page provides a brief introduction to some of the regulations and programs that the City of Storm Lake has and that impact our citizens and visitors during the winter season. For more information please follow the provided links for each section or you may contact City Administration at 712-732-8000 or by email.

Snow Emergency

The City of Storm Lake has a Snow Emergency policy that prohibits parking on all city streets during a declared snow emergency. Additionally, there are two parking lots in the downtown area where parking is prohibited during snow emergencies.

Snow Emergency

Notifications on declared Snow Emergencies are made in multiple formats including the following:

  • Telephone Hotline (Available 24 hours a day) - 712-213-SNOW (7669)
  • Email and Text Alerts - Provided through WENS Public Notification System (For more information visit the WENS page.
  • Snow Emergency Web Page (Available 24 hours a day) -
  • Notification through media outlets. While we can not guarantee timely notification through these outlets we do notify all local and most of the regional outlets including TV Stations in Sioux City. We still encourage residents to sign up for the WENS Notification system in addition to media notices. 

 For more information on Snow Emergencies please visit our Snow Emergency web page.

Snow & Ice Removal

The City Code requires that property owners remove snow and ice accumulations from all public sidewalks adjacent to their property within 72 hours of a snow or ice event.

Removal of snow and ice accumulations help to ensure that pedestrian traffic has a safe route of travel.

Violations of this ordinance may result in a Municipal Infraction for each day that the snow and ice are not removed.

Fire Hydrant Snow Removal

The City of Storm Lake and the Storm Lake Fire Department requests the assistance of the community in helping to keep snow from piling up around fire hydrants in their neighborhood. Many hydrants are marked with poles to identify them when snow builds up.

During fire emergencies, clear access to the hydrants can save valuable minutes for the department and save property owners from further damage.

If you are not able to remove snow that has piled up around a fire hydrant in your neighborhood or you know of a hydrant that needs snow removed from around it you can also call the Storm Lake Fire Department at 712-732-8010 and they will make arrangements to remove the snow.

The Storm Lake Fire Department and City of Storm Lake appreciate your help in keeping our community safe.

Snow Emergency Policy Updated Annualy