Water Conservation

Tips for Water Conservation

Things you can do in you own home to reduce water use.....
  • Fix a Leak
  • Reduce Outside Water Usage
  • Showers Use Less Water Than Baths
  • Turn Off Tap While Not In Use
  • Use a Fully Loaded Dishwasher
  • Wash Full Load of Laundry 
  • Wash the Car With Water From a Bucket - Or Use a Commercial Car Wash
  • Water Lawn or Gardens in the Early Morning Hours or Late Evenings
  1. City of Storm Lake Water Conservation

    Resolution No. 92-R-2020-2021 Designates Water Conservation Measures for Users of the Storm Lake Water System Read on...
  2. Water Wisdom #12

    Storm Lake Water Wisdom #12 brought to you this fine Tuesday from the City of Storm Lake involves Hydrants. Read on...
  3. Water Conservation Update

    For Buena Vista County and Storm Lake, current drought information from the NIDIS follows. Read on...
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Save Water Tips - Reduce Water Usage Fill The Bathtub Halfway Do not leave the tap running Use a gla

Water Conservation Measures