Employee Benefits

City of Storm Lake Summary of Employee Benefits 01/01/2021


Paid Holidays*

New Year’s Day             Thanksgiving Day          Good Friday      Friday after Thanksgiving

Memorial Day               Christmas Eve Day        July 4th              Christmas Day

Labor Day                     Personal Holiday

*(Eligible after 60 days of service. Must work the day preceding and the day following Holiday, excluding approved vacation, to be eligible for Holiday Pay.)

Paid Sick Leave*

8 hours per month (12 hours for Patrol Officers) accrues to a maximum of 1440 hours. 60 hours of accrued sick leave per year may be used for Family Care Leave. *** (Eligible after 6 months of service)

Paid Vacation* **

After 1 year – 40 hours               After 10 years - 120 hours

After 2 years – 80 hours             After 12 years – 128 hours

After 3 years – 88 hours             After 14 years – 136 hours

After 5 years – 96 hours             After 16 years – 144 hours

After 7 years – 104 hours            After 18 years – 152 hours

After 9 years – 112 hours            After 20 years – 160 hours

*(Must use accrued vacation within one year of the employee’s anniversary date following the year it was accrued.)

**This chart is for 8-hour shift employees only.

Paid Bereavement Leave

Up to 40 hours for funeral/death of spouse or child, up to 24 hours for funeral/death of an immediate family member, up to 8 hours for the funeral/death of a relative through the first cousin.


90% Paid Medical insurance for employee and dependents.

Health Insurance Calendar year costs to employees:

Single $27.01/pay period.  Family $73.69/pay period.

Paid Life insurance for employees and dependents. (Limit of $50,000 coverage, up to age 65)

Paid Disability insurance for employees.  

125 Flex plan available. Up to $2,500 can be contributed in a calendar year.

Dental Insurance Calendar year costs to employees:

Employee $ 1.07 ** Employee/Family $4.63 ** Employee/Spouse $2.19 ** Employee/Child $3.08.

Vision Insurance Calendar year costs to employees:

VSP Vision Care paid by the city.

Longevity Plan – Annual lump sum payment on employee’s anniversary date paycheck.

After 3 years of service $225.00

After 5 years of service $350.00

After 10 years of service $600.00

After 15 years of service $850.00

After 20 years of service $950.00

IPERS (Iowa Public Employee Retirement System)

Currently, the City of Storm Lake contributes 9.44% of employee’s salary. The employee contributes 6.29% (tax-deferred).

Volunteer firefighters IPERS rates 6.41% employee, Employer 9.91%

411 (Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System)

Currently, the City of Storm Lake contributes 26.18% of the employee’s base salary, the employee contribution is 9.40%

Deferred Compensation

The City of Storm Lake has two deferred compensation plans (457) that employees may choose to join.