Inspection Timeline

Inspection Timelines
The inspection of timelines will generally follow this process:

March - City staff begin working on the inspection process including the inspection forms for that year's inspections

March thru May - City staff will provide notification of upcoming sidewalk inspections through a variety of methods including but not limited to the following potential methods:
  • City's Social Media Sites (Twitter & Facebook)
  • City's Web Page
  • City Tidbits (Utility Bill insert newsletter)
  • Local Media (Radio and Newspapers)

April & May - City staff will conduct inspections (Inspections will start once frost has left but will not start later than May 1 annually. Inspections will take place within twenty days of starting. Immediately following the inspection and in the event that violations are found, the City inspector will tag the door of the property with a door tag noting the date of the inspection and altering the resident to the fact that an inspection took place and that a notice of violation will be coming. These door tags are produced in three languages (Spanish, Lao, and English)

May & June - City staff will prepare the inspection sheets and cover letters for mailing. All letters shall be mailed out no later than June 10th. The letters will contain important information regarding the inspection process and the process for resolving the issues found during the inspection. Property owners are asked to read the letter and inspection sheets VERY CAREFULLY.

June through July (Approximately) - A period of sixty days from the date of the Inspection Notice shall be provided to the property owner to find a contractor (if needed) and to repair the found violations.

2nd Inspection - Following the sixty day period for repairs the city inspectors will reinspect the zones to verify that repairs have been made and that there are no additional violations present. Failure to fix the violations and/or violations that are caused as part of the repair process will result in the city contracting to have the repairs done. In the event the city has to cause to have the repairs made the cost of the repairs, along with interest, and an administrative fee will be charged to the property owner through an assessment on their property.