Regulation for the Use of Fireworks on Private Property in Storm Lake

 2nd Class Consumer Fireworks are only allowed 

July 3rd & 4th

From 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

Second-Class Consumer Fireworks

  1. Cone fountains.
  2. Cylindrical fountains.
  3. Flitter sparklers.
  4. Ground and hand-held sparkling devices, including multiple tube ground and hand-held sparkling devices that are manufactured in accordance with APA 87-1, section 3.5.
  5. Ground spinners.
  6. Illuminating torches.
  7. Toy smoke devices that are not classified as novelties pursuant to APA 87-1, section 3.2.
  8. Wheels.
  9. Wire or dipped sparklers that are not classified as novelties

Fireworks are not permitted on public property which includes parks, streets, alleys, sidewalks, and right-of-ways.


Fireworks Notice