Weather Information

Weather in Iowa and Storm Lake can be from one extreme to another and it's important to remember some simple things to ensure that you are ready when extreme weather comes to the region. On this page, you will find some key information regarding the City of Storm Lake's preparedness as well as links to other resources that can help residents and businesses prepare.

Iowa Severe Weather Awareness Week

The State of Iowa and the City of Storm Lake participate in Iowa Severe Weather Awareness Week.  Some activities include the following:

Statewide Tornado Drill - Wednesday, March 29, 2023, 10:00 AM

As part of the statewide Tornado Drill, the City will sound outdoor warning sirens at 10:10 AM (if the weather is threatening the drill be postponed). Additionally, other notification systems including weather radios, TV & Radio notifications will also sound during this time.

For more information on testing schedules for the outdoor warning, sirens see the following section on Outdoor Warning Siren Testing.

Outdoor Warning Siren Testing

Starting with Iowa Severe Weather Awareness week the City of Storm Lake will be testing the City's outdoor warning system weekly, provided that the weather is not threatening. In the event that the weather is threatening sirens will not be tested and any activation of the sirens would be an actual warning.

Sirens are tested every Saturday at noon starting in late March and running into the Fall.

During testing, the City's Volunteer Fire Department will monitor each siren location to ensure that it is working properly and if needed facilitate the repairs of the siren in a timely manner.