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Tree Removal/ Emergency Trimming Request

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  2. Tree Removal/Emergency Trimming Request
  3. Request for tree removal or trimming on City property (within the right-of -way area).

     Trees are removed or trimmed in January, February, and March weather permitting. (Except in cases where the tree is found to be a potential hazard to people and/or property).

    The City of Storm Lake has a tree trimming program where they work throughout the community annually providing normal maintenance to trees in the public right-of-ways. Through this program the ciyt can cover the entire community every three years. Through this program trees are trimmed to a minimum height of fourteen (14) feet on the street side of the right-of-way and eight (8) feet on the sidewalk side of the right-of-way.

    Any request made for a zone outside of the current maintenance zone and not deemed toe be a safety risk to  pedestrians and vehicles will be delayed until the next rotation for general trimming. 

    The City of Storm Lake cannot remove or trim trees located on private property. The City of Storm Lake will not remove a tree if it is healthy. The City will make the final determination if a tree is dead or diseased. 

    Name of Property Owner: (Adjacent to city right-of-way).

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  5. My signature on this request indicates my understanding and agreement to the terms and conditions outlined here. I therefore authorize the City of Storm Lake to do maintenance and/or removal of trees on the city right-of-way adjacent to my property.
  6. For more information on the city of Storm Lake Tree Removal and Trimming Program please visit our website at
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  8. City of Storm Lake Public Works ~ 433 Vilas Road~ 712-732-8029~ Fax 712-749-5173
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