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Refund Request Form

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  3. The address listed here is where the refund will be mailed to. Refund checks returned to the City of Storm Lake will be voided.
  4. *Refunds cannot be issued if left blank
  5. Refunds issued as checks for all forms of payment except gift card/certificates and credit cards. Checks are mailed by United States Postal Service from City Hall and may take up top three weeks to arrive. Forms that are not completely filled out will not be processed. The City of Storm Lake is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. Signature on this form represents your understanding and acceptance of the City of Storm Lake refund policy. Refunds will not be issued for any transaction made more than six (6) months prior to the date of the request for a refund. Refunds not issued for services provided in whole or in part. All rental agreement regulations for refunds apply including charges for administrative fees for refunds. Questions on the City of storm Lake Refund Policy should be addressed to the Finance Department at 712-732-8000.
  7. Refunds only issued per the individual policy and registration form for each facility or department. Refunds when original payment method was a gift card or certificate will be refunded as a gift certificate less 10% handling fee for reissue of certificate.
  8. refund this section only
  9. City of Storm Lake~ 620 Erie Street~ 712-732-8000
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