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Driveway/Curb Cut Application

  1. StormLakecmyk-nobackground
  2. Driveway/Curb Cut Application
  3. Contractor certificate of insurance on file with teh City named as additionally insured for 1,000,000
  4. *Sawing and Breaking will be performed by the City.
  5. Residential Driveway Sawing & Breaking $150.00 ~ Commercial Driveway Sawing & Breaking $200
  6. By my signature below I agree that driveway cuts can only be made by teh City of Storm Lake and that I will be charged a fee for this service which must be paid prior to any work being done by the City. Following the receipt of paymen the City will work with applicant to schedule cuts.I understand that all repairs to the street cuts and curbs must be done in accordance with City specifications by either a City of Storm Lake or a qualified contractor and completed within 24 hours. Applicant will be responsible for disposal of concrete.
    * Should I elect to use grinding as an alternative to a curb cut I understand that all grinding activity must be completed by a city approved contractor. Please call for more information on curb grinding alternative (712-732-8002).
  7. City of Storm Lake Building Official ~ 620 Erie Street ~ Storm Lake, IA 50588 ~ 712-732-8002
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