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Board & Commission Renewal Form

  1. City of Storm Lake
    PO Box 1086, 620 Erie Street Phone 712-732-8000
  2. "
    Please complete this form and return it to the City Clerk for consideration of re-appointment by Mayor and the Storm Lake City Council
  4. Do you wish to continue serving on any City Committee.
  5. Beginning in 2012 Iowa law requires that government appointed boards and/or commission be gender balanced when and where possible. The City will review all re-appointments for positions based on this state regulation and make re-appointments to comply with that requirement. Should it not be possible to re-appoint you to the same board the City will look at other opportunities to appoint to other boards and/or commissions should you so desire.
  6. If you answered "YES" please identify up to three other boards and/or commissions you would be interested in serving on.
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