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Application For Appointments To Storm Lake Boards & Commissions

  1. City of Storm Lake
    P.O. Box 1086, 620 Erie St Phone 712-732-8000
  2. "
  4. Preferred Method of Communication?*
  5. Airport Commission Only:
  6. Do you live outside of city limits?
  7. (A) Select all that Apply:
  8. In accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 362 the City must determine what relationships or transactions you may have or potentially have with the City of Storm lake prior to your appointment to a Board or Commission. In order to do this we must ask you to answer the following questions.
  9. Do you or any immediate family member own or are part owners of a business dong business with the City of Storm Lake?*
  10. Are you employed by any business doing business with the City of Storm Lake?*
  11. Is your salary/bonus determined by financial performance of the company or do you receive a commission?*
  12. I certify that above answers are correct and true.
  13. "Appointment to City Boards and Commissions are made by the Storm Lake Mayor and confirmed by the City Council."
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