I own a business downtown. How are streets plowed in the Central Business District?

Streets and alleys in the central business district are treated differently from other snow and ice control operations because snow storage within the street and alley rights-of-way are not desirable. Snow plowing procedures are utilized only to the extent that storage of snow along the traveled portion of the roadway will not inhibit vehicle movement in and out of parking stalls.

When snow removal operations begin, streets and alleys in and near the central business area are sanded and salted, if deemed necessary. Snow will be hauled from the area after the clearing operations are completed. Snow hauling operations normally commence during night-time hours only when the storm has subsided will daytime plowing be considered. Daytime plowing is hazardous to the public and public services employees.

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6. I own a business downtown. How are streets plowed in the Central Business District?
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