Erie Street CDBG Storm Water Improvements

Project Overview
The Erie Street CDBG Storm Water Improvements Project is a project designed to improve storm water drainage to minimize flooding in the Erie Street area. The project involves constructing a conveyance system that will include a combination of permeable pavers, rain gardens, bio swales, and tree wells which will work in combination to mimic natural processes to restore natural hydrology and improve water quality.  The proposed conveyance system will allow some stormwater to infiltrate the surface and reduce runoff.  In addition to reducing runoff, the system components will trap suspended solids and capture water bourne pollutants, which significantly reduces the pollutant loading of the area.
Project Blog
As a part of keeping residents and visitors up to date on the progress of this project the City is keeping a blog on the project that will include project updates and pictures of the progress. The blog can be found here:
Project Budget
This section of the project page outlines the cost of the project and where the funding for the project is coming from.

This project is funded in part by a generous grant from the Iowa Economic Development Authority's Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG).

CDBG Funding $600,000
G.O. Capital Loan Notes $720,000
Road Use Tax Funds 81,000
    Total Revenue $1,401,000.00

Engineering $162,00.00 Set by Contract
Admin/Legal Costs $69,800 Estimated Amount
Contingency $125,000.00 Estimated Amount
Construction $1,044,186.04 Bid/Contract Amount

Total Expenses $1,400,986.40 
Key Project Highlights
The following are key highlights for the project up to this time:  

Construction will start on Monday, June 6, 2016.  Erie Street will be closed to all traffic between Milwaukee Ave and 6th Street.