Solar Energy

What are the Pro’s of Solar Energy?
  • Solar energy is renewable. We can’t run out.
  • Solar energy is all over. The Earth receives 20,000 times more power then what is needed to supply the entire world.
  • Solar energy causes no pollution once installed and functioning.
  • Solar energy is available all over the world.
  • It reduces electricity costs.
  • It has many applications from generating electricity, distilling water, or powering satellites.
  • Solar power is silent.
  • They are low maintenance after installation.

What are the Con’s of Solar Energy?
  • Solar energy is expensive upfront.
  • Solar energy is intermittent. It only works when the sun is shining.
  • Energy storage is expensive but necessary to meet demand
  • Production, manufacturing, and transportation do contribute to pollution and greenhouse gases.
  • Some types of solar cells require extremely rare and/or expensive materials.
  • Solar energy requires space to set up to create enough energy.

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