Wind Energy

How Does it Work?
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What Are the Pro’s of Wind Energy?
  • It is a green energy source, causing no pollution to produce the energy.
  • The potential is huge. We could create up to 20 times more energy than the entire human population needs.
  • It’s renewable, meaning we can’t run out unless the sun stops shining.
  • They are space efficient- 1 large can power 600 homes.
  • The price of wind turbines keeps decreasing every year.
  • Once set up, operational costs are low.
  • A personal wind tower could potentially protect you from power outages on the grid.
  • Wind is free.
  • You can become net producer of energy, rather than a net consumer with a personal wind turbine, meaning that the energy company might end up owing you.
  • Land owners who rent land to wind farms can make quite a bit of extra money

What Are the Con’s of Wind Energy?
  • Wind is intermittent and cannot meet the base load energy demand unless power is stored somehow.
  • Huge upfront investment to manufacture and install the turbines. Can be 10-12 years to completely recoup the investment.
  • Wind turbines can be a threat to wildlife such as birds, bats, etc.
  • Reports of noise problems have occurred.
  • Some people do not like the look of wind turbines on the landscape.
  • Severe weather can cause damage to the wind turbines.

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