East Central Storm Water Project

Project Overview
The East Central Storm Water Project is a project designed to remove storm water from a residential area of Storm Lake and move the water to it's natural drainage area, Lake Storm Lake. As part of the removal process the project will develop a number of current best management practices to help filter and clean the storm water run off prior to out letting the water into Lake Storm Lake.

The project does include innovative storm water components such as:
  • Detention ponds - designed to be water features on Sunrise Pointe Golf Course
  • Rain Gardens - designed to be the first line of filtration inside the neighborhood
  • Iron Filings - use of iron filings in one of the golf course ponds to help reduce phosphorous in the storm water
  • Filtration Ponds - use of filtration ponds to filter storm water prior to moving it further down the channel

Project Blog
As a part of keeping residents and visitors up to date on the progress of this project the City is keeping a blog on the project that will include project updates and pictures of the progress. The blog can be found here:


Project Budget
This section of the project page outlines the cost of the project and where the funding for the project is coming from.

This project is funded in part by a generous grant from the Iowa Economic Development Authority's Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG).

CDBG Funding $600,000.00
Storm Water Bonds $1,100,000.00

Total Revenue $1,700,000.00

Engineering $177,200.00 Set by Contract
Easements $15,000.00 Estimated Amount
Grant Administration $19,000.00 Set by Contract
Admin/Legal Costs $35,000.00 Estimated Amount
Contingency $15,000.00 Estimated Amount
Construction $1,326,796.75 Bid/Contract Amount

Total Expenses $1,587,996.75

Key Project Highlights
The following are key highlights for the project up to this time:

  • 2/20/2013 - Bid letting was held on the project and the City received nine total bids from contractors in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Low Bid was Lundell Construction of Cherkokee, Iowa at $1,326,796.75 (2.5% below the engineer's estimate of $1,360,818.00)
  • 3/12/2013 - The project was selected by the Iowa Economic Development Authority as an example project for using innovative green design to solve storm water run off issues and will be presented at their upcoming CDBG Grantee Workshop
  • 7/3/2013 - Work with a second pipe crew will begin on Monday, July 8th, 2013 along East 4th Street. This work will impact travel and cause some street closures which residents in the project area should be aware of. A map of street closures for this part of the project and a copy of the letter that was sent to residents and property owners is available as a link on this page (to the right of this article).
  • 7/15/2013 - Updated East 4th Street Road Closure Map uploaded and available on the links at the right.
  • 7/30/2013 - Uploaded a document (Available in the Links to the right) summarizing the best management practices used on the project. Check out the blog over the next few weeks to read blog posts by the Project Engineer on the practices used in the project.
  • 8/14/2013 - Seeding contractor is expected back onsite this week with primary work being at the Sunrise Pointe Golf Course. Golfers should be alert for construction workers and stay off the newly seeded berms until we have substantial growth.
  • 8/14/2013 - Plans for road closures on Rose and Tulip Lanes has been added to the web page. Timeline for work on these portions of the project have not yet been determined so stay tuned to our blog for future updates. The road closure information is available on the right hand side under quick links.
  • 8/19/2013 - Expansion Blvd. at the intersection of East 4th Street will be closed this morning to facilitate the continuation of construction. Please use caution when traveling in this area.