U-Visa Program

What is the U-Visa Program?
The U-Visa program is a federal program that the Storm Lake Police Department utilizes to provide nonimmigrant visas to provide temporary legal status to immigrants who are victims of certain crimes and can therefore assist government officials in learning more about the crime including investigation and/or prosecution of the individuals who committed the crime.

Temporary legal status is provided for those meeting the following statutory requirements:
  • they have suffered "substantial physical or mental abuse" as a result of being a victim of one or more specified criminal activities;
  • they possess information about those criminal activities;
  • they help - or are willing to help - with the
    detection, investigation, or prosecurtion of the criminal activities; and
  • they were vicims of criminal activities that occurred in the United States or that violated the country's laws.
The program was created by the United States Congress in 2000 through the Violence Against Women Act.