Water Quality

Water Quality Results
The Storm Lake Dredging project continues to improve water quality and water clarity within the natural glacier lake. Annually, volunteers for the Lake Preservation Association conduct regular water clarity readings in the lake from various points and those results are tabulated to find an annual clarity reading.

The tests are taken using a device called a Secchi Disk to determine the depth that can been seen from the top of the water.
Secchi Disk Operation_thumb.jpg
Current Water Quality Readings
The following table shows the water clairty readings for Storm Lake as determined by the Secchi Disk process.

Year - Clarity (in inches)
2004 - 10 inches
2005 - 12 inches
2006 - 14 inches
2007 - 17 inches
2008 - 19 inches
2009 - 21 inches
2010 - 18 inches