Neighborhood Focus Group Program

Goal and Purpose of Program

The goal of the Neighborhood Focus Group Program is to provide citizens and especially neighborhoods an opportunity to communicate informally with City staff directly about issues of concern to them. Examples of some issues that might be of concern are current and upcoming projects that the City is doing in their neighborhood, a street project or water line replacement, or crime trends in the neighborhood or community in general.

The City believes strongly in the value of input from the citizens that we serve and we want to provide them with an opportunity to ask questions and get answers in a manner that is less formal that a public meeting or public hearing, thus the development of this program.

How to Get Started

Neighborhood Focus Groups are easy to get started. A member of the neighborhood can download or pick up the application form at City Hall (620 Erie Street) or the Storm Lake Public Safety Offices (401 East Milwaukee), fill it out and return it to City Hall or email it back to the City.

The Focus Group can decide on if they want to have their meeting in the neighborhood for example in a neighborhood garage or living room, or if they want to have the meeting in a City facility like the City Hall Council Chambers or Chautauqua Park Shelter House. The group also provides the City with some preferred dates and time that work for the neighborhood.

Once the application is received staff will review the proposed topics of discussion and schedule the appropriate staff who are involved to be at the meeting and then confirm everything with the neighborhood point of contact on the application.

Follow Up & Future Meetings

Any additional information that is researched after the meeting will be provided back to the neighborhood point of contact following the meeting in a reasonable period of time.

If future meetings are desired or if a neighborhood wants to have regular meetings then the City will work with that group to facilitate that request and set up future meetings.

More Information

For more information, you can contact the City Manager by phone at 712-732-8000 or Public Safety Director by phone at 712-732-8010.