Safety Regulations

The City of Storm Lake and the Lake Improvement Commission encourage all citizens and visitors to be aware of the following safety regulations when boating, jet skiing, or participating in other activities on Lake Storm Lake.

Always stay at least 100 feet away from the dredge, booster pump, and dredge pipe while on the lake.

The dredge pipe is marked with lighted buoys at 300 feet intervals and the pipe is at varying levels of depth below the surface of the water. Because of this it is extremely important that boats, jet skis, and other water craft NEVER cross over the dredge pipe.

Dredge on Lake 1_thumb.jpg
Dredge Pipe Warning Buoy.jpg
Citizens and visitors should also NEVER attempt to get on board the dredge or booster pump.

Dredge Pipe Safety
The dredge pipe runs from the main Dredge boat to the Booster Pump to the shore then underground to the Spoil Containment Facility.

The pipe can be submerged or can be just under the water at any given point in time and as such all watercraft operators are strongly encouraged to NEVER CROSS OVER the pipe at any time.

The dredge pipe is marked with buoys that have a orange hazard triangle on them and the words "Dredge Pipe" clearly marked on the top of the buoy. The buoys are always lighted for nighttime safety. A picture of the buoys used is shown to the left on this web page.
Watercraft operators should use EXTREME CAUTION anytime they are operating within 500 feet of the dredging operation or anytime they are between the dredge and the shoreline.