Chautauqua Park Shelter House

The Chautauqua Park Shelter House is located in Chautauqua Park on East Lakeshore Drive in Storm Lake, Iowa. The shelter house is a great location for a family gathering, birthday party, or any other gathering.

The shelter house is divided into two sections, an east and west side that can be rented individually or together on a daily basis. Both sides have small kitchenettes with a refrigerator/freezer unit, stove/oven unit, sink, and counter top area. Additionally both sides open to a common area with men and women's restrooms.

Renters are also able to utilize the outside grill and patio area on a first come first serve basis. This area has a wood grill area and is located at the back of the facility with access to an outdoor restroom.
Each side of the shelter house seats approximately 80 people and is furnished with picnic tables and attached benches.

Groups with children may want to consider renting the east side of the shelter house near the playground area. Likewise groups who prefer the shaded area might consider renting the west side near picnic tables and lots of shade.

Rental Agreement